Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Seebensee - Austrian Tyrol

The breathtakingly picturesque glacial lake of Seebensee is 1,657 metres high in the Tyrol mountains  above our apartment in Ehrwald, Austria.

We reached it by taking the Ehrwalder Almbahn cable car up to the Ehrwalder Alm (Summer pasture), then following a not too demanding walk with panoramic views, up to the lake.

Looking back we could see the Ehrwalder Almbahn station, nestling below the peak of the Zugspitze. The Germany-Austria border runs around the peak in this photo, at the level of the top of the paler coloured scree-slopes.

The Zugspitze remained a presence to our right-hand side, and then behind us, skirted in cloud like something from the Lord of the Rings.

But looking forward, we're headed for just above the middle of this next photo, where there seems to be a horizontal line which is the edge of the flat meadow around Seebensee lake.

The path occasionally afforded panoramic views of the valley below. We could even just make out where our apartment was in Ehrwald.

Halfway up there is, of course, a place to relax for a while over a glass of Bier and maybe an Apfelstrudel. Austria is of course just as civilised as Germany is, when it comes to looking after travellers.

Onwards and upwards! No great trial, except for the heat, and there is even an alternative easier-going path for if you are pushing a buggy!

Finally we reached the Seebensee, and what a gorgeous lake it is!

Sharing the meadow around the lakeside with us were a herd of dairy cows, complete with bells. They appeared pretty contented at this altitude and had lots of fresh lush grass to graze on. I wonder how they feel when Winter starts to creep up, and they will all have to make the journey we did back down to lower pastures, presumably without being able to use the cable cars!

The weather is so changeable up in the mountains, and soon we began to lose the light. But still, a place of beauty looking back to the Zugspitze.

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