Sunday, 6 August 2017

Kirchdorf, Insel Poel

The Island of Poel (Insel Poel) is connected to the mainland by a causeway, so you can reach it by car, which we did this sunny morning. The island is a popular tourist destination for Germans, but is on a small scale that is kind of enchanting.

Wherever you travel on the island, you keep seeing the same squat red-brick church spire in the landscape. This is the church of Kirchdorf (literally, 'church village') which is the largest settlement on the island but still only has 2,000 inhabitants. It is also the only church on the island.

During the Thirty Years War the harbour was protected by a castle, but this was soon destroyed, as was most of the villages on the island. Nowadays it is a pleasant enough spot to look out on the bay, and if fresh or smoked fish are your thing, there are lots of opportunities to indulge. I think we saw everything it had for us in about an hour :)

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