Monday, 7 August 2017

Teddy am Salzhaff

The Ostseecamping am Salzhaff we are staying at is rather cramped, but okay. The toilet and shower facilities are very good, dish-washing and kitchen facilities not so good. What they have that is innovative is a contactless card that you top up, and then use to get yourself hot water for a shower or to use in the kitchen. It also gets you through the barrier in and out of the campsite, and into the toilet and shower blocks. Cool.

If you are into surfing, and especially kite surfing, then this campsite would be perfect. Guess what, we aren't into surfing, but if we were there is a surfing school and equipment renting places right there next to the camp, which is direct onto the Baltic Sea.

Our Ted isn't into surfing either, but he's got a towel ready for going for a swim in the sea.

Downside to camping here? Hmm, tent pitches are amongst the trees - which lots of birds use to perch on and then poop on your tent and car.

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